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Welcome to my photographic and fine art galleries

I love experimenting with all kinds of photographic and artistic mediums then combining things to create unique pieces.


I work with a dslr Nikon d2xs camera.  I have been able to marry my passion for fine art and my interest in photography, generating several original techniques including digital paintings or enhancements of photographs I had taken of my own charcoal drawings. The ultimate product is quite unique.   My abstract water photography capitalizes on the delicate interplay of light and color that nature has already provided us with.  My graphic design training optimizes line and balance in the final presentation of these photographs.  These pieces are printed on canvas and stretched over frames as gallery wraps.

When I was a child I had one of those 110mm cameras and decided I would write and photograph the next great American bird field guide but I had a lot of trouble getting close enough to anything other than the dead birds the cat brought me so I gave up my book dreams but kept my love of art and photography. The 35mm replaced the 110mm and I learned a lot about photography from my mother. I took art classes through school to help develop my eye for balance, color and design, and I later attended Brooks College of Graphic Design. As a member of the Concord Art Association I won 2nd and a 3rd place in two different shows with my fine art paintings. Soon thereafter, digital cameras hit the scene and I let go of film forever. My intent was to reproduce poster prints of my fine art but found I enjoyed being outside with the camera more than I enjoyed being inside with the paintbrush, however I still wield the brush as inspiration hits. I love experimenting with all kinds of mediums and combining things to create unique pieces.
I have a diverse gallery set to enjoy. Abstract water photography images make wonderful pieces for interior design. Graffiti street art is an interesting compliment to urban loft living. My galleries can answer any artistic need from boudior to boutique. What's on your walls?

Exhibited at The Artists Alley, San Francisco
September 2009 through March 2010

For sales please visit my online gallery at  http://1-donna-blackhall.fineartamerica.com


Abstract Water Photography Gallery
Landscape Photographic Gallery
Goose Lake Autumn
Botanicals Photographic Gallery
Flemenco Petals

Ocean Photographic Gallery
Silent Rush

Fun With Cars Photographic Gallery
Hot Car
People Photographic Gallery
Imprissoned in Red
Fine Art Gallery
The Village

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My artwork is fully featured at the address links below.  Here you can view all my galleries and purchase posters, framed prints, greeting card and canvas gallery wraps.


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